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Tree Trimming

Here in New England, tree limbs and branches are the leading cause of power outages. Improved electric system safety and reliability are the result of a strong vegetation management program here at Eversource.  

Please note, the information in this section applies to our distribution tree trimming and vegetation management program pertaining to the poles and wires on the roadways next to your home or business.

Why Eversource Trims Trees

Find out how Eversource works throughout the year to ensure safe, reliable electric service with minimal interruptions while employing thoughtful and professional tree-trimming around our power lines.

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Plan Before You Plant

Trees and power lines don’t mix. When they touch, it can cause everything from power outages, fires and downed lines, to safety hazards for people, wildlife, and even the trees themselves.

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Trees: Our Responsibility & Yours

Learn what Eversource will trim and remove for trees, along with what homeowners are responsible for on an everyday basis, as well as during emergency situations.

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Tree Assessment

Concerned about a tree on your property that's near wires? Before you submit a Tree Assessment Request, please determine if you should contact Eversource or a qualified arborist.

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